Hi, I'm Brooke!

I'm a full-time photographer and photography educator now located in Winnipeg, MB. I JUST moved back to the prairies after living in Vancouver for 2+ years. However, I LOVE the mountains and fly back to Vancouver almost every month for work. I also have a Vancouver associate photographer who helps me serve more clients!

I specialize in weddings and brand photography. When I'm not working you'll most likely find me baking in my kitchen, doing an art project or hiking with my friends. 

I'm fully obsessed with camper vans,  dogs, sunrise hikes, and late night campfires. I'm always dreaming up my next adventure.  

Do I sound like your kind of friend?

Hehe photographers favourite question. No I do not give out RAW images. When you hire me make sure you like my style! You are hiring me as an artist. If you just want a person that clicks a button hire your grandpa, his services are very likely more affordable and I bet he’ll give you the RAW images. Okay maybe that was a little harsh, for the record I love my grandpa. 

Do you provide raw images?

No way Hose! I will absolutely remove acne and temporary bumps and bruises. I will work with you to choose posing that is both flattering and comfortable for your body type. However, I love to share and promote body types of all sizes. Photoshopping can lead to unrealistic body expectations. I NEVER want to be the reason my clients to compare themselves to a photoshopped photo. For that reason I do not do body photoshopping. Instead I will bring the hype and remind you on you beaut

Will you do body photoshopping?

Are you wondering why my instagram profile says MB —> to BC. Let me break it down for you, I serve both markets! I’m originally a prairie girl, then I moved to the west coast and FELL IN LOVE….. with mountains oh and Mike 😁. I now call Vancouver and Manitoba home and travel back and forth monthly. I’ve been doing it for the past three years. To be honest it’s a balance of... I love my MB family and my BC adventures. Sooo to recap, I love adventure, I’m a Canadian, and I will take a train, bus, ferry or plane to you! 

Where on earth are you located!? 

To start photography is my full-time gig! Before going full-time I completed a 4 year bachelor degree in marketing and entrepreneurship and did photography on the side. I then dove right into photo work and started my career by photographing 70+ business in 4 months. IT WAS WILD. I’ve now been doing photography full time for 2 years. So that’s a total of roughly 7 years of paid photo gigs.

These days my main focus is a lovely balance of small business photography and couples/weddings. Not to say I won’t take on other projects. 

How many years have you been a photographer? Do you do it full time? 

Drumroll please…. Introducing Kathryn my lovely associate photographer located in Vancouver. You’re gonna wanna see her portfolio because it’s EPIC. I may be slightly bias because I did spend months teaching her how I photograph clients 😁. However, she is an absolute pro who didn’t even need my training. If you inquire with me and I’m already booked you will automatically receive her portfolio. Typically she will photograph a session that I can’t and then I will edit it! 

What are my options if you’re already booked on my photo date? 

Ahh fantastic question, as much I want to go to Jamaica to photograph your insanely beautiful wedding, no I will not do it for free 😅. Extreme example maybe??? But seriously hire me to photograph your epic wedding destinations.

Here’s where I draw the line! All photography in Winnipeg and Vancouver is not charged travel fees. Any driving outside of these 2 cities will be charged mileage. I do charge for ferry tickets, plane ride, and accommodation outside of Vancouver and Winnipeg. However note, I’m not a savage about it. There are NO HIDDEN COSTS. I lay out all the costs in the beginning and every item is pre-approved. I’m not going to book myself a stay at the Fairmont and invoice you for it, unless of course your wedding is taking place at the fairmont. I look for the most affordable accommodation rates, often staying in Airbnb’s. 

Do you charge travel fees? 

Once I started travelling I couldn't stop. I'm always dreaming up my next adventure. A few of my favourite places in this world are Iceland, Switzerland, Tofino and Banff National Park. 

No. 3

I love hiking that doesn't mean I'm a fast hiker. When I'm hiking with my BC friends I always tell them to slow down because I have Manitoba lungs, aka I've been walking on flat land for the majority of my life. 

No. 2

I also run a photography education business called Stay Close. I created it to build community across a competitive industry. Every year I I host a variety of workshops and events with some of my favourite photographers. 

No. 1

If we are going to be friends here's a few things you should know.

E1: Safe Storage

E2: Editing - Lightroom

E3: Editing - Photoshop

E4: Photo Delivery

PDF: Editing Shortcuts

Improving Your Workflow

Season 6

E1: Intro to Guiding + Posing

E2: Styled Shoot Planning

E3: Couple photography: with guests Ella + David + Vancouver vendors 

E4: Brand photography with guest Mayari

PDF: Guiding Prompts + Poses

PDF: Styled Shoot Planning Guide

Shooting with Purpose

Season 5

E1: Email Response Times

E2: Automation + Personalization

E3: Setting Client’s Expectations

PDF: Client Q+A

PDF: Getting Ready Guide

PDF: Location Guide

PDF: Printing Guide

PDF: Email Templates

Client Communication

Season 4


My travel schedule is based on my current bookings.

If I'm booked on your wedding or project date I have an amazing associate photographer I'd love to introduce you to!

January - February: Vancouver 

March: Winnipeg, Manitoba

April 6-13: Vancouver

April 29-May 6th: Banff National Park

June 3-5: Riding Mountain National Park, MB

June 18: Grouse Mountain, BC

June 25: Winnipeg, MB

July 10: Winnipeg, MB

August 12-13: Squamish

August 20: Pemberton

September 3: Burnaby, BC

September 9-11: Manning Park Resort, BC

September 17: Bird's Hill Provincial Park, MB

September 23-25: Riding Mountain National Park, MB

December 28 - January 4th: Dominican Republic


Travel Schedule

Photography SESSION Bucket-List

Peyto lake, AB

Moraine Lake, AB

Pitt Lake, BC

Jones Lake, BC

Golden Ears Provincial Park, BC

Drumheller, AB

Yosemite National Park, CA

Joshua Tree National Park, CA

A few places that I would LOVE to book a session at!

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Based in Winnipeg, MB